About Us

A non-denominational 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Shalom House provides a temporary 21-bed shelter for women and children who have no where else to go. The shelter is located in the City of Harrisburg at an undisclosed location to protect clients who may be escaping abusive situations. As an emergency shelter, Shalom House provides for their basic needs: a bed, assistance with food resources, clothing, health and hygiene supplies, and a temporary address and telephone number.

Shalom House's extended case management services help women move toward self-sufficiency, to never become homeless again. Experienced caregivers know when to listen, when to hug, and when to give advice. Shalom House services include:

  • case management
  • referral services
  • life skills training
  • computer facilities to expand current skills and prepare a resume

Our Mission

Empowering women, transforming lives.

We work to provide a safe, secure temporary living environment for women and women with children by meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter while fostering self-sufficiency through life skills development in a supportive atmosphere.

Our goal is to advocate for the basic rights including respect, physical safety and security for women and children in society by engaging in activities that increase community awareness.

Our Programs

Shalom House provides support, case management, and guidance to three populations of homeless women:

Emergency Sheltering for homeless women and children for up to four weeks
Permanent housing for disabled, chronically homeless women in our SHARP program
Transitional Housing for homeless women veterans and their accompanying children for up to two years in our SHARP Veterans program

Contact us


Shalom House
9 South 15th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104
(717) 232-3482

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