Our Programs

Each program aids participants to locate and move into housing, stabilize income and/or employment, address dysfunctional personal behaviors through recognition and redirection. Residence/participation is contingent upon demonstrating measurable progress on personal goal plan elements.

SHARP Program

All women included in the SHARP program meet the definition of “chronically homeless” as established by HUD; they were all homeless four times out in three years, they have a verified disability or report being HIV positive, have monthly incomes that do not exceed $600, are alone, and generally have a history of substance abuse and/or mental health problems. SHARP aids a minimum of 20 women each year, two-thirds of whom are African American, all are between 30 and 54 years of age.

SHARP for Homeless Female Veterans

Since 2008, the Shalom House has run a transitional housing program for homeless women veterans, one of just two such programs reaching out to women veterans in our nation.

Based out of two rented homes in Harrisburg's Uptown neighborhood, at any time up to six women live in a communal setting, and receive all the social services and support that Shalom House provides its other clients.

Women military veterans face unique challenges when they come home. They may have gotten divorced while in the service. They may have to get reacquainted with their children and readjust to life as a caretaker. And many of them have emotional baggage that can get in the way of a successful re-entry to the civilian world.

Prosperity Center

In collaboration with the Capital Region United Way, Shalom House now offers instruction in financial literacy, budget planning, setting goals, and expanding potential for long-term success for our clients. The Prosperity Center initiative is supported by PNC Bank whose commitment has not only been to assist with the financial underwriting, but to invest its people resources for teaching and mentoring clients (our women and children) in building a foundation of understanding of money, banking, and establishing a firm foundation for personal and fiscal success. With other existing and expanding services, Shalom House is excited to be helping those we serve to become Prosperity Centered.

Emergency Sheltering

Shalom House is committed to emergency sheltering for homeless women and children, transitional housing for homeless women veterans and their children, and permanent housing for disabled, chronically homeless low-income women.

Shalom House provides temporary shelter for women and children who have nowhere else to go. We provide for their basic needs: a bed, food, clothing, health and hygiene supplies, and a temporary address and telephone number